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Our Roots to Ireland

The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) was founded in this country in 1836 at St. James Church in New York City. Our roots, however, are found in Ireland dating back more than 300 years. Since then we have continued to grow and prosper. The AOH is now the largest and most influential body of men, both young and old, of Irish lineage in the world.

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Our Support of the Church

The AOH is the oldest lay Catholic ethnic organization operating in the United States. Just as the AOH helped build the Catholic Church across America, it continues to nurture and support its growth with various enterprises such as Project Saint Patrick which provides unconditional vocational grants to seminarians and religious novices in need of assistance on their journey to ordination.

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Our American Patriotism

Hibernians in the U.S. are very much committed to supporting our local communities across the country through civic participation. Built on our morals, shaped by the Catholic Church, Hibernians are expected to support those less fortunate through civic participation, by serving local food pantries, supporting homeless shelters, caring for the elderly, and supporting Irish and other immigrants.

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Up Coming Events

Good Day Brothers I would like to start posting our Up-Coming Events for our Division.  I would like for them to be Submitted by the Friday after our Division meeting so they can be posted in a Timely  Fashion Please submit to Patrick Walsh at Thank you

An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger)

1. BACKGROUND TO THE GREAT FAMINE AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES The potato was the principal source of nutrition for the vast majority of the poorer classes because this crop produced more food per acre than wheat and could also be used to generate income. The practice of Conacre/Land Division meant that peasants needed to produce the biggest

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Black ’47

The last few weeks have illustrated our need to sustain and increase our charitable efforts toward increasing vocations, the pursuit and dissemination of Irish History, decreasing hunger and providing relief in the face of natural disaster. Hurricane Florence reminded us that natural disaster is never far from our door. The pernicious predilection of pedophilia makes

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